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Donations Collected

"Surath Chandra Roy Benevolent Trust" donated Rs. 15,0000/-(One lakh Fifty Thousand) for the land of Uddipan Residental School -

Donations Collected

Ajit Bhowmik Rs.1000/-
Dr. Abhijit Bowmil Rs.5000/-
Mr. Saraf Rs.5000/-
& collection by wellwisher Rs.20,000/-
"For Uddipan ".

e-publication of our published health awareness book

We convey our heartfelt thanks to Mr Milan Sengupta who has made possible of e-publication of our published health awareness book -
"Sustha Thakun Sahahje".
kindly visit the given URL milansagar.com.

Cultural Function 2013

Fundraising Cultural Function 2013 to be held on 19 Dec 2013.
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Celebration of 151st Birthday Swami Vivekananda

Celebration of 151st Birthday of Swami Vivekananda
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Send-off ceremony

Send-off ceremony for the Secondary batch and Higher Secondary batch
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Background Story

Uddipan Educational Trust is a charitable trust to promote education has been established in 2009 by a group of people.


Hunger of 'Animesh' for education  paved the way for establishment of Uddipan

Animesh Karmakar,  a young boy of Village-Chanda, PS. Habra, North 24 Parganas was in need of Rs.10000/- to pursue Special  B.Ed course in hearing impairment. Total course fee was Rs.22000/- . His father was a daily labourer and mother worked as domestic help, he could gather Rs.12000/- to support his study. Animesh frantically had been at the doorsteps of  various persons and organizations seeking a loan of Rs.10000/- for pursuing B.Ed course for 2 months.But none responded positively. But he did not miss the opportunity as he got the same by appearing a selection test and he was sure of getting job if he completes the course. At last he came to a Niranjan Biswas,Branch Manager, INDIAN BANK at Habra with a hope of getting help.

Noticing the eagerness of ANIMESH to pursue study, Mr  Biswas decided to gather support for him and on the very next day  went along with Mr Uttam Dey   to his village ‘chanda’ to verify his economic status.

ANIMESH belongs to agricultural labour family having 720 sq ft of land to live with a tiny thatched house with nil furniture and bare minimum utensils. His family comprises of his father,mother and himself. We were surprised to see that with this infrastructural facilities how ANIMESH could continue his studies.

Pradeep Nandy like an angel
In view of the genuine need of ANIMISH we approached our known circle to help him to continue his education. Meanwhile one Sri Pradeep Nandy came like an angle and wanted to help the full amount – Animesh got admitted.

Drop-outs 48 %
Incidence of Animesh became eye opener. As per World Bank Report released on 6th October,2009 that at least 48 of every 100 students in India pursuing secondary education never go beyond that level and thirty seven per cent students fail before the final examination and 11 per cent drop out during the period( class IX- XII ) .

Increasing Cost of education & Meritorious Students with poor economic background

Since inception of the process of globalization in India, scope as well as cost of education has increased many folds which has resulted a wide range of stiff competition in every sphere of life. Simple mediocre educational background is depriving students to get chance in higher education and job markets are not welcoming them with comfortable salary .Thus many meritorious students with poor economic back ground are not able to pursue the education and get lost in the crowd of  BPL. The chances of many flowers blooming from the buds get withered away. We felt that society has a role to play to bloom these buds for the sake of the development of the society as a whole.

Support of other organisations
Here it is worth mentioning fact that Niranjan Biswas happens to be Secretary of Indian Bank Officers’ Club, Vice President of Indian Bank Officers’ Association, Founder General Secretary of Arogya Sandhan Santoshpur and Arogya Sandhan Charitable Trust.

Team formed
In this backdrop,  Pradip Kumar Nandy( Business man) Amal Kumar Mondal and  Sankar Ghosh (both are the teachers at Hatthuba Adarsha Bidyapith,Habra )  Uttam Dey( Staff of Indian Bank)  Soumy Pathak (Engineer)  Partha Chakraborty (Professional Accountant) Paritosh Dey ( Engineer) and  Niranjan Biswas formed a team for establishment of Uddipan Educational Trust with the sole object that meritorious but economically backward students should not be deprived of their right to education. Uddipan should help them to continue their education in such a way that they should excel in their chosen field and become self-reliant


Activities started in April 2009 by distributing application for entrance exam, conducting entrance exam and organizing  financial scrutiny of meritorious students and virtually adopting 18 meritorious students but economically backward students of class IX from various schools at Habra-Ashokenagar area.

After extending all-out support to these students for 7 months from June 2009 , we tested our capability and finally  went for registration of TRUST DEED on  8th January 2010.
Thus UDDIPAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST has been established


Depending on Pradip Nandy's donation, We started our coaching classes with 18 students of class IX at a rented premises at Habra Railway gate  in June 2009.Premises had 2 big rooms and one small room.  Rent of the premises was being paid by Pradip Nandy. Sri Amal Mondal and Sri Sankar Ghosh, Sri Kanti Lal Som, Sri Shambu De took lead in offering total voluntary service in coaching students. Trustee members and other well wishers donated as per their capability and approached local benevolent persons for support.

Meanwhile, 2nd batch of students 20  was adopted in 2010. Expenditure for books, exercise books, honorarium for teachers, conveyance,school fees, examination fees,increased but source was limited.

Fundraising cultural programme
In order to cope with increasing expense, We planned to organize a cultural function to raise fund. Manomoy Bhattacharyya and Utpalendu Chowdhury, both bengali Singers were booked for performance and Pradip Nandy sponsored one artist -Manomoy Bhattacharya. Culture programme was organized on 11th December 2010 at Sahid Sadan Auditorioum, Ashonke Nagar. The Auditorium was full with audience. Response from the public was superb. This programme gave us more connections and many came forward to help.By sale of tickets and adver

Another problem cropped up
We got worried of the space as rented premises was having one two rooms.
We looked out for premises either on rent or purchase and got the vacant space of Habra Municipal Market.


Decided to donate as per our capability and go to public for donation for premises. We found 5 rooms suitable for us

Our Mission
Establish Gurukul Ashramik Bidyapith with appropriate infrastructure for imparting most modern and updated scientific education enriched with India's rich culture base where teachers and students will live together with the aim of creating complete human imbibed with a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, a strong secular ethos, leadership quality with a sense of team work, fair play, concern for the less fortunate, for human rights and democratic values and awareness for environment, inquisitive mind and the trustees(promoters) shall be the true volunteers and offer selfless service, thus Gurukul Ashramik Bidyapith should never indulge in business with the education rather they should develop a financial system where have-s will take care of have-nots to make the Gurukul financially viable and independent
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